A New Generation

In 2021, we introduced six rising stars of the national gastronomy scene who pursued their dreams with passion, despite facing one of the most challenging years in their professional careers.

Don't miss out on the exciting stories and recommendations from these experts as they delight us with magnificent gastronomic creations inspired by our professional kitchenware line.

Culinary Capsules

Each week, you can watch two new capsules, where you'll discover the story behind each dish and delight in unique preparations:

Capsule 1

Prawn in smoked salpicón on a Rocas Supiedra bowl.

Capsule 2

Smoked mackerel with light aubergine cream over a grey bowl.

Capsule 3

Quisquilla de Cartagena with hints of its orchard on an Ocean Green bowl.

Capsule 4

Artichoke and garlic rice with squid on a Medulas Supiedra plate.

Capsule 5

Seafood cream over a Moon Turquoise bowl.

Capsule 6

Low-temperature ribs on a Supiedra Black plate.

Meet the Chefs

Regional gastronomy continues to reinvents itself, and at Summa, we want to highlight the work of these rising stars of Spanish cuisine. 

We support national talent in a year marked by the challenges of COVID and the difficulty of promoting new gastronomic initiatives.

The philosophy of chef-owners and their entrepreneurial essence were the determining factors for this campaing. through the developed audiovisual content, these chefs will invite you to embark on a culinary journey from San Sebastian to Seville.

Rebeca Barainka - Restaurant Galerna

San Sebastián

Rebeca Barainka - Next generation summa

"When presenting a dish, the first thing we do is think of a story."

Borja Susilla - Restaurant Tula


Borja Susilla -  Next generation summa

"The kitchenware is the perfect frame, the link, and the transport."

María Gómez - Restaurant Magoga


María Gómez -  Next generation summa

"The message is crucial as it enhances the dish and conveys a concept to the customer."

Ignacio Martínez - Barceló Hotel Group


Ignacio Martínez - Next generation summa

"Matching the food you are going to use with the perfect crockery adds value to the dish."

Camila Ferraro - Restaurant Sobretablas


Camila Ferraro -  Next generation Summa

"Tableware is fundamental; we eat mainly through our eyes. The presentation has to be surprising."

Sergi Palacín - Restaurant The Alchemix


Sergi Palacín -  Next generation Summa

"We always look for dishes with some kind of roughness, texture, and standout colors."

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A versatile and resilient bowl, perfect for presenting culinary creations in an original and harmonious way, aligned with Mother Nature.

Supiedra Collection - Flower Bowl Ref. 2068.21

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Ocean Green Collection - Discontinued Collection:

With its resistant finish and turquoise color scheme, this collection offers a unique character and organic forms that contrast with conventional shapes. 

Supiedra Collection - Médulas Ref. 2068.15

inviting the diner to experience the perfect fusion of land and sea, this collection's earthy rusticity and sandy appearance create an ideal combination for mixed dishes. 

Moon Collection - Turquoise Bowl Ref. 2096.18

Featuring a soft desing with natural textures and finishes, this high-quality professional porcelain collection brings freshness to the table and enhances the gastronomic experinece. 

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